Corey Feldman and Snoop Dogg – GO 4 IT

By:Shaine Freeman Music Editor

Actor, Corey Feldman teams up with Snoop Dogg to score a Billboard Top 40 hit with, Go 4 It, from Feldman’s new album Angelic 2: The Core which was released on June 22nd via CiFi Records. The video features Feldman doing his best impression of a Michael Jackson solo dance routine, while surrounded by scantily clad women.

billboard chart

For the week of August 13, 2016 “Go 4 It” found it’s way onto the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Chart. Despite the #40 ranking on the chart, I was less than thrilled about the singing. The fact that Snoop Dogg didn’t even do the video with Feldman, says a lot about how the “D.O. Double G” viewed this collaboration.

Nevertheless, I give Feldman a B+ for effort. It will be interesting to see how far this whole project of Corey’s goes.