Sam Smith Releases New Video For MOMENTARILY MINE

By:Shaine Freeman Music Editor

London based indie label, Flipbook Music has released the new video for Momentarily Mine, the first single from British pop singer Sam Smith’s first album. Originally recorded in 2008 by the singer, prior to his global success, this song has been noted as one of Sam’s personal favorites. Before I give my review of this video, let me preface it with the fact that I am not much of a pop ballad fan. That said, I wasn’t exactly blown away by this song or the video.

The video’s production is very minimal in the areas of concept and entertainment value, showing Smith in a split screen singing before cutting to old footage of him singing alongside a pianist. Sam’s vocal performance is great and the music production is nicely done, but to me, the song itself is rather boring and falls short of making a real connection. Regardless of my opinion though, fans of Sam Smith will probably love it and rave about it.

According to the press release for the video, this may be an indication of what fans can expect from the Sam on his forthcoming album Sam Smith Diva Boy,’ which was completed back in 2008 when Momentarily Mine was recorded. His new album is set for release in September 2016.