S1 EP142: How To Build Relationships With Radio Execs

radio execs

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Joining us today to offer musicians a few tips on how to win over radio execs is independent radio professional, author, and speaker D Grant Smith, host of Appetizer Radio.

When it comes to building lasting relationships with indie music radio professionals, or just the media in general, “growth farmer” D Grant Smith from Appetizer Radio knows a thing to two about what works. If you’re an artist or in a band that hasn’t been able to figure out why radio programmers aren’t playing your music, then listen to this interview.  D Grant Smith lays out a blueprint for growth farming and building lasting relationships that get you the attention/coverage you want. It’s about more than just submitting your music, it’s about relationships.


  1. How NOT to pitch yourself to radio professionals
  2. What makes radio executives respond to your email pitches
  3. Why you need to get a copy of “The DIY Musicians Radio Handbook”
  4. and more…


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