EP10: Is Pursuing Publicity Equal To Selling Out

selling out

I’m going to answer listener questions about how to get press when you can’t afford a publicist, and is there a such thing as selling out? Typically when I hear an artist say they can’t afford a publicist it’s because they either don’t want to, they can’t or don’t believe they can afford to invest their money in a good publicist.

Selling out only exists when you begin to compromise your personal convictions/morals for money. For example, if you told your parents you would never go topless in a video, but then someone throws $50,000 in your face and you take your shirt off on camera; that’s selling out. But, if you spend money on a review to help you reach a larger audience and you pick up some new fans as a result who are now willing to pay to see you play a gig, then you didn’t sell out…you just did what Coca-Cola does; you marketed yourself. (Hear more on this episode.)

MUSIC NEWS: National Music Publishers Assoc (NMPA) reveals that the music industry generates $4.5 Billion Yearly in publishing revenues, but loses over 50% of that ($2.3 Billion) due to old copyright laws that do not have an expiration date.

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