EP11: How To Find The Right Music Promotion Service

the miews podcast

Episode 11 is all about How To Find The Right Music Promotion Service for your new or upcoming release(s). There are tons of fake music promo companies parading around social media trying to convince you that they have the keys to your success. But, the truth is, most of these “companies” are run by a single person sitting in his apartment bedroom hoping to take advantage of the sea of artists who are looking to make it big in music.

There are 7 dangers to look out for when seeking the help of a music promotion service:

  1.  Do they have a “Buy Now” button – meaning do they accept everyone?
  2.  Do they offer email blasts to large groups of publications?
  3.  Do they offer Facebook and Twitter likes?
  4.  Do they sell YouTube views?
  5.  Do they focus too on many services?
  6.  Do they have an extensive client list?
  7.  Do they mention anything about getting a record deal?

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