S1 EP135: Billboard Sr Editor Gail Mitchell Tells How To Get In The Door

gail mitchell

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Getting a feature in a major publication is one of the many dreams that music artists have, and thanks to people like Gail Mitchell – Senior Editor at Billboard, this dream has become a reality for many musicians.  This award-winning journalist has covered some of the industry’s most iconic artists – from Prince to Stevie Wonder, over the course of her 30+ years in the music business.

This episode, I sat down with Gail Mitchell to chat about a number of key things that many artists and aspiring journalists would like to know.


  1. How she became a music journalist at Billboard.
  2. How she determines what artists and news to write about.
  3. How to get your foot in the door with an iconic media source like Billboard.
  4. The one artist she was ecstatic to meet and speak with.