S1 EP136: Charley Raiff On Dealing With Major Record Labels

charley raiff

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Charley Raiff has a lot to be excited about. From working with top producers on his new release in Persona, to playing tons of dates in the northeastern U.S.  But his excitement isn’t just about being an artist, it’s more about him being able to successfully record an album despite being told by major label execs that his music was great but, it’s “not what’s on the radio.” Some artists would not bounce back from hearing that, but Charley shares with us how he was able to keep his focus despite this so-called “set back”.


  1. How he got started in music, and why he chose piano.
  2. How he bounced back from being told no by a major label exec.
  3. How South Park inspired him to record his entire album in just 2 days.
  4.  and more…