S1 EP138: 4 Reasons Most Music Artists Don’t Make Money

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There are a number of reasons why unsigned artists do not make money, and the excuses range from “Oh, well there’s too much music being released,” to “I need to do more shows.”

But the truth is there are really just four reasons most unsigned artists don’t make money from their hard work, and on today’s episode of The Miews podcast, Shaine breaks those four issues down.

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  1. Why you can’t get paid gigs.
  2. Why your music isn’t resonating with the people who are actually fans of music.
  3. Why great managers don’t want to manage you.
  4. Why the media won’t talk about you.

Also, after Shaine has made multiple requests for musicians to address real life issues that do not involve love relationships and partying in their songwriting, a Miews listener requests that our host address the July 2016 civil unrest between police and black citizens in America. These incidents include the hanging of a young black man in Atlanta, the police involved shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, and the sniper attacks on five Dallas, Texas police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest.


  • Ramsey – “See You Bleed” (Ambient Pop, Trip Hop)
  • Paliki – “Tension” (Rock, Indie, Electronic)
  • Motivibes – “Uprise” (Electronic, Pop)
  • Supa Soop – “Sound Like” (Hip-Hop, Rap)
  • Ships Have Sailed – “Out of Time” (Folk, Singer-songwriter)
  • 3Bubble & J Gray – “No Lie” (Hip-Hop)

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