S1 EP141: Music Video Promotion Tips w/ Andy Gesner

music video promotion

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Music video promotion planning is something every artist must do if they want to have a successful release. But, almost everytime an artist tells me they’re about to release a music video and I ask if they’ve put together a marketing plan for it, the answer is almost always, “No, I haven’t.”

But the messed up part is that these artists spend tons of money and time making the video with no plan for how they’re going to measure its success? This doesn’t make good common, business, or rational sense!

Enter Andy Gesner, founder of Hip Video Promotions. When it comes to music video promotion, nobody knows the game like Andy. With a resume that includes breaking the first major video hits by bands like Maroon 5, Death Cab For Cutie, Paramore, and The Lumineers, Andy Gesner is the man to hire!

If you’re an artist or band who has been through the process of shooting a music video, you know what kind of hard work, time, and money goes into it, so it makes no sense to let it fall on deaf ears due to poor promotions work. Andy and the Hip Video Promotion team have been breaking artists into the mainstream for nearly two decades. So, when it comes to releasing one why don’t more artists have a music video promotion plan? Well, on this episode of The Miews podcast, Shaine speaks with Andy Gesner to go over some of the most important aspects of music video promotion.


  1. What keeps videos from being successful online
  2. Why most indie music videos are not ready for TV time
  3. How being proactive will increase your videos reach
  4. and more…


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