S1 EP143: Las Vegas Terror Attack, RIP Tom Petty, and GUEST: Stephanie Madsen

tom petty

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This episode marks the last episode of Season 1 on The Miews podcast, before we completely change the narrative. After taking a year off to explore other podcasting opportunities in the sports (BJ & Bucher) and comedy (#GetSome w/ Gary Owen) sides of the industry, Shaine returns to give musicians and their fans more of the music business. Today’s focus is on:

  1. TOM PETTYShaine pays homage to the legendary singer who died October 2, 2017. Petty was an inspiration to all kids who grew up in the MTV 80’s era and loved the singer’s classic hits like “Free Fallin'” and “Won’t Back Down”.
  2. LAS VEGAS TERROR ATTACK: After the Las Vegas terror attack, which took place on October 1, 2017 at a country music festival, where 59 died and more than 500 were injured, Shaine shares what musicians can do to help music fans who may be too afraid to attend outdoor concert events going forward.
  3. GUEST, STEHANIE MADSEN: Singer-songwriter Stephanie Madsen joins us to discuss her upcoming album titled, “Christmas,” and her fight to regain her sense of purpose in music.

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