EP125: How To Quit Your Day Job and Do Music Full Time

quit your day job

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While this was initially meant for musicians, it applies to everyone. We all have – or have had – a job that we flat out hate(d). You may be there right now and just want to walk out today? If you dread going to work everyday, here are 3 signs that you should quit, and some tips on how to quit your day job to do music fulltime.

  1. YOU CAN QUIT TODAY IF… you have 9 months worth of bill paying, food buying, car repair money saved up. You must also understand that during this time you will NOT have any money or time to waste so there won’t be anymore Friday afternoon happy hour drunk fests at your favorite watering hole. No movie theater tickets. No nothing to splurge on.
  2. IF YOU FEEL YOU MIGHT COMMIT A TERROR ATTACK: No job is worth going to jail for. If you hate your boss or co-workers that much start looking for a way out of that place. If you can’t afford to quit cold turkey, find a different job to hold you over until you can afford to give music a go fulltime.
  3. IF YOU’RE SINGLE WITH NO REAL RESPONSIBILITIES: If you have no spouse, kids, mortgage, or anything that would ruin your credit and you’re single with nothing more than a car payment…then QUIT! Especially if you still live at home. There’s no excuse for working a job you hate, just so you can go out on the weekends to get plastered. None of that will put you in a position to do your passion for a living.
    a) Take some time off work and put a 3-6 month exit plan together. Your plan HAS TO BE based on realism and NOT idealism because, depending on what your job is paying you, you will likely NOT make what you make on your day job for at least 12-18 months.
    b) Spend the next 3-6 months booking gigs. Try to land a solid booking agent or manager who believes in you enough to work his/her butt off to make sure you’re successful enough to be able to confidently leave your day job. While you’re looking for an talent rep to help you, do some research on where other bands who are similar to you are performing and see if you can book that same venue. It’s not easy, but nothing worth having is easy to acquire.
    c) Start building your official website (if you don’t have one), NOT your social media or your Bandcamp or Reverbnation pages. Build a REAL website where the visitors to your page can focus on you and not the thousands of other distractions that exist on something like a social media profile. If you have a site already, begin looking at ways to build traffic like blogging and posting those links. Make sure your blog posts are something interesting to the fans you’re trying to attract, it shouldn’t just be about your music only. The goal is to get them to visit your site, and then once they’re there…curiosity will drive them to listen to your music.
    d) Save, Save, Save!!! If you have to downgrade your car to something less expensive so you can pay down your credit card debts; if you have to move back in with your parents. Do whatever you have to do for 6 months to save as much money as you can in order to go after your passion and try to turn it into a real career.

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Leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck ain’t easy, but when you have a well thought out – realistic plan; you will get used to the hustle of entrepreneurship, and you will find yourself getting along just fine if you stick with your plan.


  • Sir Plus – “We Gotta Do Better” (Hip-Hop)
  • Bones Garage – “Birthmarks” (Alternative, Post-Punk)
  • Media Solution – “Stand My Ground” (Hardcore, Metal)
  • Ramsey – “See You Bleed” (Pop, R&B)
  • Jelani Lateef – “Forward Advance” (Hip-Hop)
  • Paul Gross – “Hero” (Singer-songwriter, Rock)
  • Beauty In The Breakdown – “Satellite” (Pop, Dance)
  • Kristian DeLayne – “Temperature Rising” (R&B, Dance)
  • Paige Milan – “Headliner” (Dance, Pop)

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