Brian Russell Talks About His Legendary Career As A Songwriter / Producer / Author

Brian Russell & Cheryl Ladd
Pictured: Brian Russell and wife, Cheryl Ladd (Photo Courtesy Dean Keefer)

From making music with Elton John & Kanye West, to making movies and authoring books, BRIAN RUSSELL, has made his mark in showbiz.

You have over 30 years in the music and film industries; and your wife is one of the original CHARLIE’S ANGELS! How does someone maintain such a long and successful career in show business?
I have been really blessed with so many opportunities to do so many things in my life. Whether it was writing music and having hit records with people, or being in a huge rock band with Elton John. I have so many things that went right for me. I actually met my wife (Cheryl Ladd) doing music; I wrote her first hit record. When we finally got married I got into producing television and film, and I really liked all of that but, that writing (music) thing kept gnawing at me. I kept writing and eventually started developing stories for the screen. In the 80’s, Cheryl and I went to the south of France during a film festival and I saw (Cheryl) talking to Grace Kelly and thought, “Oh, that’s a natural.” So, I came home and put together THE GRACE KELLY STORY.

I’ve always been blessed on the creative end, and songs just come to me. Some days I’ll sit down and nothing happens, then other days the fingers work. I’ve written Country music, and have even had hit records with Kanye West.