5 Simple nail designs for short nails

Although all nail art design trends hit on the long nails bright and chic nail designs are not reserved for long nails. No matter how long your nails are, your shorties can still hang. Don’t fret if you have no clue about how to style short nails with chic and fun nail art. Our simple nail designs for short nails will be your savior because we believe art is always possible either on big or small canvas. That is exactly what makes it art! To be on trend, take a look at these simple but gorgeous nail art designs that look amazing on all lengths especially on short nails like yours. There is some nail design inspiration for your short nails created by nail artists. So read on and get DIY nail art ideas to brighten up your day.

Glittered Short Nails:

Nail art is a great way to show off your interests and express yourself. If you want to look appealing and chic on a party then try glitter French tip nail design. Choose some creative design to make it quite decorative, classy and versatile. There are a lot of nail polishes available to get this nail look. Above is Bambi themed unique design done by a professional. Use your favorite color to accomplish this look.

Floral Short Nails:

Extend your choices and pain tour nails with a floral design using rhinestone. The rhinestone comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and size. The nails tinted with rhinestone design and floral pattern is a 3D nail art form. Now it’s time to make yourself the center of attraction using this nail art and create fabulous nail designs.

Above design is a famous Japanese cherry blossom that’s relatively simple but looks tricky. This nail art design looks so classy and they have coordinated the colors really well. The trio of Black, pink and grey always go really well together when it comes to floral nail art.

Graffiti Nail Art:

Simplicity is style. Graffiti Nail Art is quite stylish and easy to recreate using black and gold dual tones. It doesn’t require any special tools to create the graffiti nail art look. You need to swipe on random stripes onto your black painted nails to achieve this look. Simply, wipe off the excess polish from the brush. Voila – you are done!

Geometric & Roses Nail Art:

Geometric and rose nail art is a beautiful but intricate design that requires a little patience and precision to create the look. This simple nail design for short nails is perfect for summer and spring. Use white nail polish for your base and take some light pink tone and wipe away the excess nail polish with a brush. Gently create small circles against your white base. Now, create the random lines using striping tape and paint your nails with olive nail polish, it results in a geometric pattern. Create the soft leaves with the help of olive nail polish for the flowers, and you are done.

Pink Lace Nail Art:

Start to apply two shades of pink on your nails to get this catchy look. Create a checkered pattern with the help of nail striper dipped in white polish on the lighter pink shade. Follow these instructions on the outer corner of your nail and you will have yourself a beautiful lace nail art design! Paint your darker pink shade with polka dots.


Gone are the days when you use monotone polish and don’t try anything lively and catchy due to your short nails. Now trends have changed and you are numerous choices to try when it comes to simple nail design for short nails. These nail art designs can give a perfect look to your shorties and can compel your pals to be envious of you. So, go ahead and flaunt your short nails using these nail art designs ideas and let us know which nail design for short nails you’ll try for the stunning nail look.